ITN: Kore reconnects financial services to their mission

Watch this ITN interview (4m 30s) with Kore and Hargreaves Lansdown

06 Dec 2023

Financial services must become digital to their core

While front office transformation has swept through the industry, creating modern experiences that hook customers and pull them in, the same cannot be said about the back office.

Here, deep in the heart of how financial firms function, there is still heavy reliance on manual processes and legacy technology – especially when it comes to product lifecycle management.

Inefficiencies. Scattered information. Data errors. And those are just the internal hurdles to jump over. Layer in growing compliance challenges thanks to an ever-changing regulatory landscape, and financial firms are under pressure to deliver on back-office transformation to empower customers and ensure good outcomes. And product management is the first port of call.

Kore Digital product management white paper image
Download our latest white paper to discover how a digital approach to product management can: 
  • Deliver business value. Giving product managers the tools to deliver more agile products and services, driving innovation.
  • Enable successful transformation. Rethinking back-office processes with the user experience in mind, making it easier for firms to ensure good customer outcomes.
  • Unlock new efficiencies. Reducing operating costs, automating manual processes, and enabling cross-team collaboration.
  • Streamline compliance. Mitigating risk through a controlled digital environment and full audit trail.

Download our latest ‘Digital product management’ white paper