Product management made easy

A set of digital tools for creating, managing and monitoring financial products in a controlled environment.

Easy to implement

We mould around existing technology and we fill the gaps in functionality without being intrusive

Highly portable

Can be rolled out across different types of financial organizations, product sets, geographies, and regulatory regimes.

Client centric

Our taxonomy directly matches client needs with products in a rational, consistent, and auditable way.

Controlled environment

Audit trail and central controls for product governance and risk management. We build corporate memory at the touch of a button.

We make financial products simple to handle. We bring clarity, confidence and the power to make fully informed decisions to professionals working with those products.

Built for professionals managing financial products

Product specialists

Product managers and their support colleagues in Compliance, Legal, Risk, Operations and any other department handling product events and related activity. Some of these product specialists carry a personal liability for poor product governance.

Senior managers

Senior managers require a real-time understanding of the entire product set, including the back book. They also have stringent efficiency targets.

Client facing teams

Front-line teams are expected to have a deep knowledge of the entire product set and exactly match product to the needs of their clients. Their clients require timely responses and superior service at all times.

Everything you need, in one place

Product management made easy

Thousands of events, data, decisions, and documents are produced during the lifecycle of these products. They come in inconsistent formats and often are handled through highly manual processes. Kore addresses these issues head-on with a rapidly scalable turn-key digital service specifically designed for professionals handling financial products.

Product information all in one place

Front office teams and support functions need a single entry point to all internal and external product information. Easy to navigate, always up to date and available on the go.

Digital evidence of product governance​

Product governance oversight and lifecycle management are at the forefront of regulatory scrutiny. Kore’s digital tools guide professionals through product governance processes, enabling them to avoid errors, establish best practices, and build an audit trail that is all-inclusive and retrievable at the touch of a button.

Product dashboards and analytics​

Cross-functional visibility across all product sets and the end-to-end lifecycle is key to strategic decision-making. Kore gives you perspective and depth of information that is easy to access and interrogate.

Compliance requires evidence

“Most asset managers had poor record keeping. This may have been due to a lack of formal process in product design and oversight. Critically, where firms did not document challenge, decisions and checks, they were unable to recall what activities had taken place. The inability to evidence robust challenge and oversight should raise concern for those individuals accountable for this activity (the focus of the new Senior Management and Certification Regime) as it leaves firms and those accountable unable to evidence challenge and oversight”.


Benefits we deliver


Bringing order, simplicity and structure, ensuring everything is in the right place.


Giving users total visibility of all aspects of their products across the entire lifecycle


Helping users to focus on the things that really matter, freeing them up to do their job better and making more informed decisions.

Peace of mind

Automatic controls and a digital audit trail to avoid errors and evidence regulatory compliance

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