Kore welcomes Weatherbys to the PRM revolution

26 July 2022


Kore Labs (“Kore”) today announces that Weatherbys Private Bank, one of the UK’s most respected private banks, will be adopting Kore’s Product Relationship Management as-a-service platform (PRM) to support its product governance processes. Weatherbys is the latest financial institution to sign-up to Kore’s innovative new technology, which is transforming how financial services firms approach product management and product governance.


Kore provides a unique, market leading technology with specialised digital tools that banks are using to create, manage and monitor their products. These capabilities enable banks to digitise the management and governance of their products across the entire product lifecycle, bringing greater transparency to processes, and a wealth of data that enhances business decision-making.


Weatherbys is adopting Kore to strengthen its overall approach to product governance. By reducing manual processes, it will be better able to manage and reduce risk across the business. Kore’s platform functionality will enable Weatherbys to create fully digitised audit trails of product management activities and key metrics for senior management. This digitisation and the data it generates will enable Weatherbys to boost product risk management around their offerings, both existing and new.


Sabrina del Prete, CEO, Kore, commented: “We are thrilled that, as a family-owned bank that has always put its clients first, Weatherbys is making Kore instrumental to its customer-centric approach to product management. 


As the banking industry embraces the incoming Consumer Duty rules, effective product management and product governance will play a critical role in complying with the regulations. Our technology is an essential tool for meeting those obligations.”


John Campbell, Chief of Staff, Weatherbys Private Bank commented: “Weatherbys is committed to achieving the very highest standards of governance and integrity. As part of our ongoing investment in technology, we are confident the Kore Labs platform will not only help us to create further efficiencies in our management of products but also help us to continue to enhance our award-winning service”.”




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