Kore welcomes Reale Mutua


05 June 2023


Kore today announces that Reale Mutua, Italy’s largest Insurance company organised as a mutual society, will be adopting Kore’s Product Relationship Management as-a-service platform (PRM) to support its product governance processes.

Founded in 1828, Reale Mutua has almost two centuries of history behind it; a long journey undertaken with professionalism, reliability and innovation; characteristics that make Reale Mutua still today a point of reference in its market.

Kore customers include leading international banking groups, including retail banking, life and non-life insurance and mutual funds; Reale Mutua is the latest financial institution to sign-up to Kore’s innovative new technology, which is transforming how financial services firms approach product management and product governance.

Kore provides a unique, market leading technology with specialised digital tools that financial services firms are using to create, manage and monitor their products. These capabilities enable financial services firms to digitise the management and governance of their products across the entire product lifecycle, bringing greater transparency to processes, and a wealth of data that enhances business decision-making.

In adopting Kore to strengthen its overall approach to product governance, Reale Mutua will be reducing manual processes, it will be better able to manage and reduce risk across the business. Kore’s platform functionality will enable Reale Mutua to create fully digitised audit trails of product management activities and key metrics for senior management and Supervisory reporting. This digitisation and the data generated will enable Reale Mutua to boost product risk management around their offerings, both existing and new.

Sabrina del Prete, CEO, Kore, commented: “We are delighted to count Reale Mutua, amongst our valued customers. This a brand I have known my whole life and it is an honour to be servicing Reale Mutua as they continue their journey to put the Members/Policyholders at the centre of all they do. Known for their commitment to their Members/Policyholders Reale Mutua’s focus aligns perfectly to the Kore purpose and we are excited to work with them to enable their customer-centric approach to product management.

As financial services embrace regulations and effective product management, product governance will play a critical role in on-going compliance with the regulations. Kore’s technology is an essential tool for meeting these obligations.


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About Kore

Kore is a digital turn-key solution for product governance for banks, investment managers and insurance companies. Kore’s Product-Management-as-a-Service platform offers a set of specialised digital tools for creating, managing, and monitoring financial products, from ideation to retirement.  

With robust controls and checks to facilitate compliance, transparency and collaboration, Kore allows organisations to build a full digital audit trail of product events and decisions, retrievable at the touch of a button.  

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