Consumer Duty white paper

01 May 2022

Why, when and what do you need to do?

The FCA wants to see transformational change in the way financial services firms manage product governance, as part of the new Consumer Duty policy.

With Consumer Duty sitting firmly in the fiduciary accountability box, and the costs of effectively evidencing product lifecycle management increasing, firms that are unable to evidence adequate controls may need to raise regulatory capital allocations in the future.

New Consumer Duty rules are not due until the end of July 2022 and, with an implementation deadline of April 2023, firms have only nine months to get compliance right.

Kore FCA Consumer Duty White Paper

This white paper highlights the key product governance questions you should be asking within your firm today, to ensure you are ready to beat the clock.

  • Why is the FCA focusing on consumers in this way, and why now?
  • What are the FCA’s goals for its Consumer Duty policy?
  • Which regulations and guidance support Consumer Duty policy?
  • Why is a strategic approach to Consumer Duty compliance required?
  • What questions should senior managers be asking?
  • How can technology help firms deliver on Consumer Duty obligations?

Download our white paper now to get answers to these questions and more. 

Download our FCA Consumer Duty White Paper

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