Wiki Kore​

We are making available to the industry the first-ever open-content digital encyclopaedia of taxonomy for financial products
The first-ever open-content platform for product taxonomy in financial services. It will include Kore’s client needs taxonomy, the most robust and detailed catalogue of client needs to date, created by Cass Business School in collaboration with Kore.

Our proprietary data model sets us apart from any other technology solution

Innovation and cooperation

Our product taxonomy expands beyond technical features to include a broad data set of events, processes, decisions, people’s actions, and client needs. These can be defined, organised logically, and grouped. The result is a truly golden source of product data that develops dynamically as products evolve and multiply. Kore does not collect individual transactional data or personal client data but can extract aggregate information from the containers where these reside (e.g. CRM) for better-describing products and their lifecycle.

Wiki Kore is a new initiative and it will launch on…