We are the first Product Relationship Management-as-a-Service platform
All in one place

A single view of product data, decisions, events, and documents.

Full control

Controlled digital environment and automatic audit trail.

Increased productivity

Collaboration across businesses, corporate functions, teams and geographies.

Modular and configurable

To match your products, your processes and your corporate structure.

Kore at a glance

What makes our solution unique

Product hub

360° view for each product and a single view of the entire product set. Trusted and easy to use, it enhances efficiency and transparency. A golden source of data, it captures all product events and decisions, in addition to product features.


Captures the entire history of a product – from idea to retirement. All events, records, and documents are stored securely in a uniform format and are retrievable at the touch of a button. It connects the business in real-time.


A straightforward platform for employees to monitor both products and processes. It includes dashboards, reports, and analytics. It is highly configurable and API-ready.


A modular set of digital tools to support employees in their domain-specific activities. Tasks are simplified, and manual processes are minimized. An automatic audit trail of all activities is created seamlessly.

Kore makes it easy to be always up-to-date with product governance requirements

Let us do the work for you. We will regularly update our features to ensure regulatory feasibility. If you have a new regulatory challenge, we’ll have tools ready to support you. 

Kore connected — get the most from your internal and eternal technology stack

Kore is designed to integrate seamlessly with your internal system architecture and your third party technology partners. We are API-ready and can complement your existing tech stack to optimise the experience of your teams and drive ROI.

Kore PRM Pricing

We offer various different packages to fit all price points. Get in touch for more information.

All core features included

Our subscription-based plans cater for organizations of any size and complexity, from small IFAs to large universal banks.

Multiple accounts

Add Viewers, Editors, and Admins with different roles

Distinct user levels

Assign permissions based on user roles

Full audit trail

Track in real time what happens to all your products and services

Export data

Export data to documents and reports

Plans & Pricing


For smaller teams just getting started with managing all their work in one place
From £12 Per month
  • Product hub (Standard)
  • Lifecycle (Standard)
  • Audit (Standard)
  • Reporting/Analytics (Standard)
  • Collaboration tools
  • Library


For medium teams that need to create their project plans with confidence
From £24 Per month
  • Product hub (Configurable)
  • Lifecycle (Configurable)
  • Audit (Configurable)
  • Reporting/Analytics (Configurable)
  • Collaboration tools
  • Library


For bigger teams and companies that need to manage work across all their initiatives
From £36 Per month
  • Product hub (Configurable)
  • Lifecycle (Configurable)
  • Audit (Configurable)
  • Reporting/Analytics (Configurable)
  • Collaboration tools
  • Library
  • Integrations
  • Bespoke features

All plans include

Personal dashboard

An information management tool that visually tracks, analyses, and displays tasks, products, and key data points to monitor every specific process.

Clean design

A sleek, minimalistic, user-friendly, and modern design that simplifies complexity, putting everything in its right place.

Latest technology

A platform and cloud-agnostic service that is built with containerised microservices to guarantee compatibility with existing solutions.


A centralised online database of information and resources about our product to help every user to get the best out of Kore PRM.


Our customers can get in touch with our staff at any time, whether it is to solve a problem or just get an answer to a question.

Ready to take your organisation to the next level?