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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kore is a financial technology start-up founded by a team with decades of collective experience in Financial Services, Innovation and Digital Transformation. Kore has developed a digital product lifecycle platform that provides financial organisations with a clear 360 degree view of their products and a way for employees to interact with them 24/7, wherever they are.

The people whose roles Kore can most powerfully transform are the forgotten product manager or compliance officer. They assume all the liability if things go wrong, and should get the credit when things seamlessly work – but they don’t. When they have total visibility of product information all in the right place, they have peace of mind and can be confident in the product recommendations they are making.

We make financial products simple to manage, bringing clarity, confidence and the power to make fully informed decisions to professionals working with them. The platform organises fragmented data and lifecycle processes to give effective oversight. It is built around a unique taxonomy and is quick to implement with a light touch integration, modular, and no capacity constraints. Have a look at our use cases for a better overview.

Kore offers a variety of subscription-based plans to meet your needs. The plan you choose will determine the features you will have access to. If you’re looking to learn about Kore PRM’s subscriptions and features, read on for more details.

If you’re looking for more information about our products or you have a general enquiry, please contact us today to learn how Kore PRM can support your business. Our experts will advise you on best solutions to manage your workflows and processes.

If your company is already using Kore then you can access through your company’s unique URL.  You can find this on your go-live email, or, contact your Company Admin.

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